OFFO 2009

OFFO 2009

OFFO 2009

I have been selected to participate in OFFO 2009, the 3rd edition of the Festival of Pinhole Photography. The festival opens on Friday 6th November, across 50 venues in Upper Silesia, Poland.

You can view my work at the following gallery:
Żory Gallery Trzy Kolory (MOK – Klub Rebus) oś. Ks. Władysława (ul. Dąbrowskiego) – Nhung Dang (Wielka Brytania), Grzegorz Sidorowicz

More information about the festival and exhibiting artists can be found on their website.

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4 thoughts on “OFFO 2009

  1. […] I am pleased to say that next month i will be participating in OFFO 2011, the 4th edition of the Polish Festival of Pinhole Photography. It was lovely to be invited again after exhibiting in OFFO 2009. […]

  2. UsavaEmassy says:

    Phat article, great looking blog, added it to my favs.

  3. Mark Tweedie says:

    Hi Nhung, Hope it’s a success for you. My stuff is on show too but I can’t get over there to see it. Are you going?

    • nhungsta says:

      thanks mark, but unfortunately i can’t make it over either. I hope it also goes well for you. i like your landscapes, particularly dartmoor and stonehenge…

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