What Cannot Be Seen

Checking Out

Checking Out

Happy Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2011!

I recently took part in Lucy Phillips’ pinhole collaborative project entitled “What Cannot Be Seen“. Lucy sends out matchboxes loaded with a paper negative and invites participants to photograph what cannot be seen.

The above image is my contribution to the project, which i shot while working on my  own photo series with the lovely John Barr Ross.

This is a photo of John looking out across the seafront whilst sitting on the window ledge of a brighton hotel. despite the large window the people down below seem oblivious to being watched as they go about their daily lives ….though if they were only to look up….

Lucy will be exhibiting her project at the De La Warr Pavillion next month. (Hopefully my image will be one of the few she selects for the show)….Good luck Lucy!

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3 thoughts on “What Cannot Be Seen

  1. […] display in the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill. Taken as a contribution to Lucy Phillips’ What Cannot Be Seen project, her exhibition will be shown during the De La Warr’s Nod to Cage season. If you get […]

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