A Nod to Cage

What Cannot Be Seen

What Cannot Be Seen

Starting from tomorrow one of my photos is going to be on display in the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill. Taken as a contribution to Lucy Phillips’ What Cannot Be Seen project, her exhibition will be shown during the De La Warr’s Nod to Cage season. If you get the chance then do go over and take a look, I have been informed that my photo is going to big!

some more details about the exhibition below:

19 May – 5 June / Friday 27 May (Random Friday)
Lucy Phillips what cannot be seen
Ongoing project (started 2010)
Inkjet prints from scanned photographic paper negatives, handwritten and typed texts, printouts of emails. (in display cases) original paper negatives, handmade matchbox pinhole cameras, handwritten and typed texts and letters, related ephemera.

what cannot be seen is an attempt to create a visual and textual archive of the unseen by returning to the fundamentals of photographic image making. Inspired by the artist’s own experiments with pinhole photography and French artist Sophie Calle’s use of the camera as a covert device, Phillips constructed 20 pinhole cameras from matchboxes and invited people to take part in a postal photography project via a Facebook status update. See Lucy Phillips’ what cannot be seen at the next Random Friday on 27 May

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